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Aohhtscceghenxkow where did my smol bean go Tp

Aohhtscceghenxkow where did my smol bean go Tp


Oh my gosh, Tyler's screams are so emotional, and make me fuzzy inside

Beyond the video Heavydirtysoul

smol bean is so precoius

My smol bean, Makes me cry. His lyrics mean so much to me.

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Josh Dun with his love. Find this Pin and more on Twenty øne piløts by tatortotvigil. Aohhtscceghenxkow where did my smol bean go?

< < "My name is Babyface and I. (which is that you're thinking I'm frickin adorable)

Dog Breath, Band Band, Twenty One Pilots, Joshua Dun, Beans, Baby Boy, Alternative, Heroes, Baby Newborn

Tyler's like "I'm the only one who's allowed to ...

His taste in music is your face

Haha durnk Josh xD · Smol BeanStaying ...

idk what that caption is, but the pictures are cute.


he must have a crush on his ceiling then

He is the little boy in each pic and in the top right hand one he is the tallest one


get in my face with those lights off i died lmao

Awww that sweet smol bean.

twenty one pilots smol bean Jesh

Aw Jishwa he doesn't look super happy :c


I'm waiting for two tøp shirts in the mail but I wanna but more merch

when i speak to someone who "likes" tøp

Our smol beans are 1000000000000000x more attractive and adorable when they're with kids ok

twenty one pilots phone wallpapers favourite pics of josh (no photos mine, I only cropped and edited them)

I love this picture!

Fight it Take the pain ignite it Tie a noose around your mind loose enough to breathe fine and tie it To a tree tell it you belong to me this ain't ...

Twenty One Pilots Grammy

smiley bean is my favorite bean

whoever wrote this forgot to mention that josh is homeless as well. tyler will not share his house. and ya want to know why he drums shirtless at concerts?

#wattpad #random everything you want and need to know about these cute rats highest

Elements on Learning and Mastering a Guitar. Smol BeanMan ...

this is the best thing, bless whoever made it

True they are my dunshine that makes me growseph

I feel like his blue hair goes under appreciated.

"i am dreaming" <

Such smol bean

i will never be able to comprehend how perfect josh is

“pretty boi" sooo talented too,tyler joseph

*googling* can you get pregnant from a picture?

Find this Pin and more on Twenty One Pilots by ❦VikY❦.

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aaaaaAAAWWWWWWW THAT SMOL BEAN SMILE! I can just imagine his thoughts there.

Where is the album We need the damn album

Tyler Joseph is my brosif. Smol BeanTyler ...

Dang I knew it was weird with Graves interacting with Credence, then being amazed by Credence's power, then being a total idiot at area in between I kind of ...

this pin goes out to all those people who are confused by all the questionable tyler joseph pictures.

BUT JENNA WAS LIKE "He's been getting almost bruises all over him so i'

Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph// the nibbley bean

the first music video i saw of the boys was heathens and i lowkey thought the

(@zj10) on Instagram: “⚡ ” · Smol BeanTyler ...

this is like his go to picture pose

twenty one pilots ;

Seria meu sonho tøp no lolla Sim


And you look really cool Josh. Nope okay.

these are literally all the questions i have for them, and obviously more. twenty

He's gonna be an amazing dad which we already know. pfffft he is going to protect his child like a wolf mom protects her pups

Tyler's face in the mirror idk why I laughed so hard at this

Beauty is josh

You need to stop. Smol bean drummer boy needs nutrients

Twenty One Pilots @ the MTV music awards

the perfect math problem: Josh Dun + Tyler Joseph= The perfect Duo aka Twenty One Pilots.

I walk into target and I lose my mom. how do you even manage to find josh < <

2014 josh for the win | twenty one pilots | Pinterest | Pilot, Josh dun and Musicians

My son < <

He wearing the sex top the right.

jish wat r u doing < < he stick out his tongue · Smol BeanTwenty ...

Lookie lookie, it's a cookie What the crap did I just write I think Imma start referring to Tyler as a cookie < <

I have never seen a man I thought looked good in a cowboy hat. Pulling it off, Tyler "Not a Hat Person" Joseph.

this is so fucking sweet i cant

HE'S SO FREAKING CUTEEEE. why does he have an X on his hand. < < he was probably at a place that served drinks and since he was underage he couldnt have any ...

His hair grew back now he looks like 2008 Tyler again

Damn son he looks amazing with purple hair!

Happy birthday to this beautiful smol bean

Twenty One Pilots, Beans

Tyler thinks coffee tastes like dirt water. I used to think so too for a long time, but now I love it.

When someone starts talking about twenty one pilots.

Tyler playing the drums

Omg first I thought it's photoshop I'm sorry god😭😂😍 btw still love this yellow bean so much


Find this Pin and more on Josh Dun by The Doctor.

Oh my gosh, his beautiful brown eyes! Also I miss Jebby

twenty one pilots ;

Unsure about the dog eh Tyler?

I was shocked indeed *mandela effect*

that would be tyler < < < tRuE

Tyler's fetus body without the tattoos ur mUR GUURRRD

SNL twenty one pilots

I swear if they take trees out of the set list on the next tour I'm actually going to lose it.

michael's dad and josh. i can confirm that michael has the best dad ever

He's holding us together · Smol BeanTyler ...

Musician Josh Dun of the band twenty one pilots attends KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2016 - Night 1 at The Forum on December 2016 in Inglewood, ...

ponderofsmthgreat said: hey i was wondering if you knew anyone selling pit tickets for tøp in greensboro (if not would you mind posting this so more people ...

sasquatch music festival - i went to it!

Twenty one pilots Tyler Joseph Josh Dun Skeleton clique Blurryface Stay Alive Stay Street

Tyler Joseph, Twenty One Pilots, Beans

I'll be at church:) SS xx

So the tattoo is actually writing and it says "carpe noctem," which is a Latin phrase meaning "seize the night.