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19th century Medical Saws Medical Horror film and Instruments

19th century Medical Saws Medical Horror film and Instruments


"Eight rare 19th century medical bone saws. Medical instrument makers were the finest precision tool makers of their days. Made with the best steel and ...

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Surgical tools from Pompeii Strumenti chirurgici da Pompei

amputationsaw - 20 scary old school surgical tools. amputationsaw - 20 scary old school surgical tools

An array of surgical instruments. - Stock Image

Victorian Surgery Tools | medical instruments on Tumblr

Greco-Roman surgical instruments; the large obstetric dilator on right is a replica

Antique French 19th Century Surgical Instrument Amputation Set & Anesthesia Mask

While technically a type of chain saw, this medical instrument, invented by Bernard Heine around 1830, wasn't used to cut down trees.

Surgical equipment including elevator, tripod elevator, Mr. Rodman's trepanning instrument, I.L. Petit's

23 Creepy Photos From The History Of Medical Science That Could Easily Be Shots From Horror Flicks

Encyclopaedia Britannica First Edition: Volume 3, Plate CLVIII, Figure 1, Surgery,. surgical tools Encyclopædia ...

Trephination set Trephines are the surgical devices used for trephination, or trepanning. The basic practices and tools have remained largely unchanged for ...

old medical equipment images - Google Search

The Amputation Knife

The Gorget

Old medical equipment

Amputation saw, reputedly the property of the English surgeon, George 'Graveyard' Walker, c1800

Encyclopaedia Britannica First Edition: Volume 3, Plate CLVII, Figure 3, Surgery,. surgical tools Encyclopædia ...

adams' saw, medical equipment, surgical instrument, history of medicine - Stock Image

a little freaky. Or is it just me? www.medicaluniforms.co. Vintage MedicalMedical DevicesThe ...

An illustration demonstrating the surgical instruments used for trephining. By Nicolas Henri Jacob from '

Skull Saw

Using a sternal saw-Heart valve replacement surgery, operating room, Reykjavik, Iceland

How a painful operation inspired the 18th-century equivalent of a horror movie soundtrack

Saw Billy Doll

Encyclopaedia Britannica First Edition: Volume 3, Plate CLVIII, Figure 6, Surgery,. surgical tools Encyclopædia ...

Strange medical equipment from the 1800s. December 12, 2016 Arts, Culture. By AGENCY. An 1836 pewter vaginal douching syringe on display. Photos: TNS

Surgeon video using a HAMMER to get metal rod out of patients shin bone | Daily Mail Online

Surgical Apparatus.Smith clamp Haemorrhoids;Wood truss pads;Biggs 1880 -

Trephine instruments from the early 18th century.


Image source: asianwiki

Surgeons carried around kits like this one, equipped with an amputation saw, knives,

It featured some of the most gruesome torture scenes ever seen on film at the time, and among its most notable tools: the chainsaw.

Saw official poster.jpg

8Dental Phantom

27. Radioactive Therapy


Leatherface final one-sheet poster.jpg

In this sepia photo, a group of medical students and professors dissect a cadaver.

Scary Dolls Montage

A perfectly preserved medicine chest dating back to the reign of George III is expected to


BBC News

18th to 19th century wooden dissecting table, 1750-1870

19th-century medical dissection: Invasion of the bodysnatchers | The Economist

Saw VI. Gears and machinery form the shape of a VI. The title of the film is

19th and 20th century psychiatry: 22 rare photos - Photo 1 - Pictures - CBS News

The mahogany box, described as a 'medicinal time capsule', comes complete with

Some of the answers, especially those about the medical instruments, caused some squeals of horror ...

Bizarre things people used to believe about medicine

With the evolution of madhouses pre-19th century to County asylums after the turn of

The 16 Best Movies Featuring Mad Doctors « Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists

29. Lithotomy Crutch

Men, Women, and Chain Saws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film: Carol J. Clover: 8601406473409: Amazon.com: Books

The Doctor Who Championed Hand-Washing And Briefly Saved Lives

A dedicated student at a medical college and his girlfriend become involved in bizarre experiments centering around the re-animation of dead tissue when an ...


When a male patient's urethra became too narrow to permit proper urine flow, doctors used a stricture divulsor. Basically, the instrument was inserted into ...

... steadily on a decline - however, the gore quotient kept increasing in each film. Centered around a killer named 'Jigsaw' - these spill plenty of blood.

Various herbal remedies used to cause miscarriages.

31. Pressure Chamber

A cheat, perhaps, as this item isn't a medical instrument, but these devices were used to help create a vaccine that saved many lives.

The Historical Horror of Childbirth

Tools of the trade: A set of early 19th Century dissecting hooks

A detailed shot of various prototypes of intrauterine devices.


19. Cervical Dilator

Symphysiotomy Tool

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

A Treatise Of the Operations of Surgery

Widely declared as one of the most ferocious horror films ever to be made, this film follows two girls, both victims of abuse in their childhood, ...

Enlarge Would these gruesome wax models showing the effects of syphilis on the legs make you think

Pirates of the Caribbean, in Fact and Fiction -- Pirate Medicine, Pestilence and Pain

... tumors, polyps, and cysts in the esophagus, larynx, uterus, or ovaries, an écraseur (French for “crusher”) was the instrument of choice.

Invented in the mid-1950's, this respirator was worn like a blouse and could be either plugged into an outlet or powered by a battery.

Saw V

victorian surgery

Antivaccine nonsense · Autism · Complementary and alternative medicine

The 20 Best Movies About Human Experiments « Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists

Amputation knife vintage surgical tool

An aging porn star agrees to be a part of an snuff film posing as an 'art film' and the terrible events that transpire after that.

1 - Scarificator: Scarificators were used in bloodletting. The device had spring-loaded

Photo: Paramount Pictures

The surgeons hammer as hard as they can at a clamp attached to the rod in

No training, no medical license, no problem!: 20 scenes where civilians perform surgery

But her prosthetic leg was a revolutionary medical product back in the day.

Curb/Esquire films